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High demand for the Writing Centre during busy times of the year

It’s a busy time of the year and the Writing Centre said it gets very busy when students need last minute help with their final papers.

Humber student Mohan Batchu visited the centre regularly but noticed it was very busy since midterms just concluded.

“There’s so many students who want to have one-on-one sessions and recently I’ve had to wait a while to see a tutor. I needed help with a term paper and it was very stressful because I couldn’t get help in time,” said Batchu.

According to the Writing Centre at Humber College, the services they provide are free of charge and there are 15 peer tutors who help students become more confident writers.

Humber peer tutor Sarah Callaghan said she helps students will anything that involves writing or text and has a true passion for helping students improve their writing skills.

“Like a painting or a piece of music, written words have the ability to capture a moment or a feeling and communicate it to others. To be able to take a reader someplace else using only writing is the closest thing to magic that I think there is,” said Callaghan.

Callaghan believes it’s that kind of passion that makes working with students at the writing centre such a wonderful and amazing experience.

“It’s our goal to help students brainstorm ideas, refine thesis statements, improve their grammar and help them construct proper essays,” said Callaghan.

Instead of the tutors proofreading or editing papers, they assist students to develop those skills themselves and provide them with a second pair of eyes she explained.

“We teach them essential writing skills so that when they hand in their papers, they can be 100 per cent confident it’s their own and not written by the peer tutors,” said Callaghan.

In addition to the service being available to all students, the tutors also assist ESL students with their papers and work.

Second-year Humber student James Howard struggles with his papers because English is his second language.

“I have a hard time with sentence structure. I understand what I write, but others sometimes don’t. I get very stressed when I can’t structure my essays properly, but the writing centre helped me improve my work,” said Howard.

The Writing Centre gets very busy, especially when final papers are due and students find it frustrating when they can’t get an appointment with a tutor.

Writing Centre coordinator, Franc Jamieson said, the reason why students may not get an appointment right away is because they can’t get enough tutors.

“We might get a petition to get more tutors but then we’ll just have more students who will want to come,” he said.

It is crucial for students to book appointments in advance to ensure they have one-on-one time with a tutor, Jamieson explained.

Callaghan said that she had a student who visited the centre last minute and was very upset with their work but left feeling at ease.

“I saw a light go off in her eyes and I feel very grateful that I could be the tutor who helped her reach that clarity. I’d recommend everyone visit the centre,” said Callaghan.

Jamieson says students can visit the centre at any time, which is first come first serve, or they can book on its website for a guaranteed appointment.

“We’ll definitely get busy at times. The demand for writing never ends but the solution is for the student to anticipate the need, “ said Jamieson.

The Writing Centre is located at the Humber North campus on the 3rd floor.

For hours of operation, visit

For more information about the services they provide, visit


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