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Published on November 22, 2010 | by Online Editor     Photography by


Disconnect to Reconnect


When was the last time something arrived in the mail that wasn’t a bill or an ad?

Photograph by Kayla Cameron-Radyk

Photograph by Kayla Cameron-Radyk

So much time is spent outside a makeshift cyber space that people forget life before it.

Disconnect2Reconnect is an experiment daring the public to disconnect from social media.

It challenges them to continue communicating using forgotten forms of communication like letters, phones and face-to-face .

I won’t lie that as a student of this generation, social media is unbelievably addictive.

It’s entertaining to look at profiles without having to ask. It’s as much a habit as zoning out in front of a TV. I could finish entire essays in the time I waste online!

Courtney Wright, a public relations student involved with Disconnect2Reconnect says, “We hope to create open discussions between individuals and their pe relationship to social media.”

Have you ever set aside your homework to check for updates on Tumblr?

Did you end up browsing for at least an hour, lost in the endless sea of scrolling, ‘creeping’ that hot guy your friend met in Cuba?

People use social media for snooping personal lives, but really how personal are they today?

It’s a superficial craving to know things without needing to ask and we are all guilty of this cyber voyerism.

Everyone has that one friend who vents on Facebook about their on and off relationship to all her “friends”. Not everyone needs to hear it!

By disconnecting from the online world, you can question your relationship to social media and which forms are a waste of time.

As a proud and avid Facebook user, deleting my account is not an option. I do believe however that we need to reassess spending hours browsing social media sites when other things should hold precedence. Let’s rediscover the art of letter writing for a change.

The internet is a great tool that people can either use to their advantage or waste countless hours on and there is a fine line between the two.

Who knows, maybe the internet is better off just as knowledge-sharing and communication based tool.

Instead, it is used as a virtual dump for personal drama and drunken weekend party photos.

One thing’s for sure, Disconnect2reconnect, proved to be a good way of figuring out how many people use social media on a daily basis. So where do you stand?

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