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Learning Commons computers maxed out from overcrowding

Long lines to use computers have become frequent in the Learning Commons as the student population has grown to 3,000 students.

Long lines to use computers have become frequent in the Learning Commons as the student population has grown to 3,000 students.


Overcrowding in the Learning Commons computer lab is common during daytime hours at the University of Guelph-Humber.

“It’s a very busy atmosphere,” says Ian Trider, a Computer Support Assistant who works in the lab. “There’s lots of activity with students coming and going.”

Patrons in the Learning Commons are a mix of Humber College and GH students. During peak hours, roughly 20 per cent of computer users are Humber students, as the Radix found through a survey of students in the lab. On the weekends, the split is more even with 60 per cent of users coming from across the bridge.

With GH operating at its maximum capacity of 3,000 full-time students, computer users are noticing the strain.

Nick Manson is a first-year Justice Studies student who works in the lab between classes.

“When it gets mad busy, it gets really loud,” he says. “Sometimes you can’t find places to sit or to study.”

Humber’s main computer lab, H205, is similarly crowded. Jordan Mellow has worked in H205 as a Support Technician for over a year and doesn’t see an immediate solution to the crowding. “There’s a lot of people in here all the time during the week,” he says. “It’s hard to get a computer most of the time.”

Second-year Humber Fitness and Health Promotion student, Rob Henderson has used both.

He uses the H205 lab and the Learning Commons, but prefers getting his homework done on the GH side.

“It’s just a nice environment. You’ve got your own little cubicle and it’s fairly quiet. You don’t get that over at the Humber College lab or in the library,” he says.

“[In H205] you can never get a seat and you can never get your print job.”

Asked if the Learning Commons should be restricted to GH students, Manson says, “I think it should be shared.” Computer Support Assistant Ian Trider concurs.

“The campus is a shared campus. Guelph-Humber students use a lot of Humber resources. Likewise, that should apply to Humber students here at Guelph-Humber.”

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