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Published on April 17, 2017 | by Brandon Vieira     Photography by University of Guelph-Humber


Pre-Emergence: A sneak peak at Emerge 2017

With only a month left until the Emerge Conference, the pressure was on for a small group of third-year business students who were tasked with organizing the Emerge Preview Art Show.

“We worked around the clock to make sure everything was prepared for opening night.  Whether it was the placement of the images or what kind of food we served, we wanted to make sure everything was up to our clients’ standards,” said Jishnu Menon, one of the organizers of the event.

Emerge is the title of the project done by fourth-year media studies students. It has become an award winning event that is a culmination of a year’s effort.  Emerge has a significant impact not only on the student’s grades but also on their portfolios.  It is a chance for all streams to build on their experience in the media world.

Journalism and image arts students create a magazine publication and public relations and digital communications students put together an Emerge Conference where the magazine is showcased.  The conference brings media students and professionals from all over Canada together to listen to keynote speakers and to view the work done by students.

Opening night for the Emerge Preview Art Show was on Thursday, March 23 and was held in the Guelph-Humber art gallery.

The show is intended to give Guelph-Humber students and staff a sneak peak as to what they can expect to see at the Emerge Conference this year.

According to the program head of media studies, Kathy Ullyott, the Emerge Preview Art Show is vital because it encouraged younger students to come to the Emerge Conference and support their peers.

“It is really important for us to draw our students back to the school for Emerge even though their exams are over when the Emerge Conference happens and the preview event was the best way to do that,” said Ullyott.

Ullyott  was one of the creators of the Emerge course, which was originally designed as a “super” course – an amalgam of many aspects of media studies working in tandem to create impact, education and reputation. She helped guide the business students in making sure that the preview event was portrayed as an extension of the Emerge conference.

Ullyott is very excited about her role with Emerge this year which is to oversee the Emerge Media Awards and the Emerge Conference.

“I think this is one of the best lineups we have ever had.  Eighteen per cent of Americans trust the media they read.  We have fake news, we have the post truth era, we have a tremendous lack of trust in politicians and the media.  This is the perfect year to really focus on that theme in both our conference and our magazine,” said Ullyott.

The Emerge Preview Art Show will be running until the Emerge Conference which will be held on April 25.  For more information on Emerge visit

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