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Published on February 26, 2017 | by Brandon Vieira     Photography by Brandon Vieira


The dawn of a new era: The launch of the GuHu journalism division

In a world where reading fake news has become the norm, members of GuHu Media want to teach young students the importance of factual reporting.  The University of Guelph-Humber media society will be doing this through its newest initiative, the journalism division.

Third-year media studies student, Warren Schlote, is the new vice president of the journalism division.  Schlote hopes to take everything he has learned from his professors and help younger students become better equipped for the journalism industry.

“I want to take the passion and drive I have for writing stories and share it with the younger students.  I want to help them become better writers and have them be prepared for what’s to come in their journalism classes,” said Schlote.

Schlote also said he is happy to let students express themselves but he wants to make sure every student who comes out of this division has the ability to report the news and write factual stories because that’s what journalism is all about.

Kathy Ullyott, assistant program head of the media studies program and writer for multiple publications including Flair and Canadian Living, agrees with Schlote.

Ullyott said that the line between opinion and factual reporting has blurred now more than ever and it’s important for all students to know the difference.

“Journalists of all ages need to go back to those ground rules where they report as objectively as they can and when you’re stating your opinion make sure you make it very clear that this is your opinion and not the news,” said Ullyott.

According to Megan Hutchison, vice president of GuHu TV, the society will be providing media students a platform to showcase their work including blog content such as creative writing, opinion pieces and lifestyle stories.  Students will also be able to write and record television pieces and podcasts.  However, its main focus will be to give students the chance to become news journalists covering events and news happening on campus.

“The point of this division is to give students the chance to be writers outside of the classroom.  Students will get a chance to build their portfolios and GuHu can expand on what was missing from our society which is the written word,” said Hutchison.

This division seems to be appealing to many students, even those who do not plan on pursuing a journalism career.  Second-year media studies student, Kathryn Johnson plans to specialize in digital communications.  However, she hopes that this division will let her explore different avenues of storytelling that she can’t explore in the classroom.

“Everyone who isn’t in the journalism specialization doesn’t really get the opportunity to build on their writing skills.  I think it will be really helpful to learn how to write news stories and get practice at it while being in a different specialization,” Johnson said.

Hugo Rodrigues, the former president of the Canadian Association of Journalists and the managing editor at the Standard-Freeholder, is someone who is very supportive of societies like GuHu journalism.  He said he believes journalism clubs are a great way to create the next generation of journalists.

“Societies like this provide another avenue for all students to practice journalism and get together with other people who share the same interest in journalism.  The stories that these students publish have the ability to foster a stronger community on campus,” said Rodrigues.

The GuHu journalism division will begin operation this semester and Schlote will take his post as vice president of journalism in the fall.  For more information visit

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