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LRC: building a healthy learning environment

A green roof, solar panels, carpooling options and motion sensor lights are only some of the sustainable aspects present in the Learning Resource Commons (LRC) building.

Humber College has implemented sustainable practices within the LRC building to provide students, staff and faculty with a comfortable and encouraging place to learn.

Aman Hehar, the energy efficiency manager at Humber College, said that building health promises a longer lasting nourishing environment.

“A building that is being used to its full potential is a sustainable building because it’s going to serve its purpose for a really long time.  That’s the mentality we took when building the LRC building,” Hehar said.

He said that the Leadership of Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a worldwide green building certification that is important to include to maintain building health.

The LRC building has been LEED gold certified because of its eco-friendly environment.

Hehar also said that the inclusion of the solar panels and the garden on Humber College’s roof has a massive impact on maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

“Including green space on our buildings helps to alleviate a toxic environment because the sun is not reflecting off of asphalt. The green roof is also a natural method to absorb and filter rain water from carrying chemicals into our sewer system,” said Hehar.

A civil engineer at Hatch Infrastructure Francesco Addario, said that although sometimes it’s difficult, it’s crucial to include some aspects of sustainability when designing a building.

“Energy inefficiency in building design is a great shortcoming but it lends itself to a large opportunity for change,” Addario said.

Ashley Sabean, a second-year early childhood education student at Humber College, said that she looks forward to going to the LRC building to work on assignments

“It just seems so happy and uplifting in here.  The entire north face of the building is a giant window and it brings in this natural light that puts me in a happy place,” Sabaen said

Alana Naccarato, a first-year business management student at Humber College, said she loves the aesthetics of the LRC building.  She also said that she participates in the carpool-matching program.

“Not only does this program help me get to school but I know that carpooling helps the environment as well and that makes me feel good,” Naccarato said.

Naccarto said that she has a genuine interest for taking care of the environment and she is thankful that the school provides eco-friendly aspects that add to a healthier learning environment.

Hehar said that the water bottle refill stations around campus calculate the amount of bottles that have been diverted from landfill. As of December 2016, students have saved over two million water bottles from being thrown out, according to Hehar.

He also said that Humber College has made sustainability a core value in the Humber Strategic Plan.

“We added it to our value system because we recognize that students care about sustainability.  Students want it so we want it for them,” Hehar said.

Humber College is introducing the CTI building that will LEED platinum certified and is expected to open by summer 2018.

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