Published on November 15, 2016 | by Rebecca Mitchell     Photography by Veronica Vekselshtein


Guelph-Humber mental health services hiding in plain sight

Post-secondary education can be a hard enough time for young adults without the added struggle of mental health. Even with the continuous rise of anxiety among students, few actually know about the mental health services that are offered at school.

“Considering that I’m in the psychology program, I actually have not heard about any mental health places,” says Stephanie Borovilos, a third year psychology student.

As with most schools, the University of Guelph-Humber provides students with the opportunity to have counselling that it is fully covered in their tuition. There is an entire Student Wellness Centre in the Learning Commons building right next to the school itself.

Amara King, a first year media studies student, struggles with her mental health. She says that her anxiety has worsened since high school because there is more pressure to be independent in post-secondary school.

“In high school you were more guided…for example I had a child and youth worker in high school so whenever I needed something or needed to run out of class quickly I could just run to her office and get  help,” King says. She says that speaking with an academic advisor was the first time she had been told about the services offered at Guelph-Humber.

Nasreene Corpuz Kasznia is the academic advisor for media studies students. She often encourages students to visit the Student Wellness Centre when they face personal problems. “When students come to talk to me, we have chats about whatever they need to talk about. Eventually, at the end of the conversation, I always tell them that’s what the service is for. It’s one on one, it’s confidential, I believe they have walk-in appointments as well and we share the services with Humber. So, why not, right?” she says.

Sheree Derferd, a professor in the justice faculty at Guelph-Humber, also expresses the importance of students and mental health.  “It is a big issue and I do think that the schools have been more proactive at getting services available for students,” says Derferd. “I think they are probably not well publicized…maybe more of that needs to be done.”

The Student Wellness Centre is open Monday through Friday. Walk-in and pre-booked appointments are available.

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