Community Justice Studies fair in the atrium at Guelph-Humber

Published on November 9, 2016 | by Nathan.Shubert     Photography by Kyle Phillips


Opening the doors to justice

The University of Guelph-Humber will be hosting one of the largest job fairs in all of Ontario, opening the doors to the future for many justice studies students.

On Nov. 10, 2016 the justice studies job fair will be taking place in the atrium at the University of Guelph-Humber.

George Bragues, the Assistant Vice Provost and Program Head of Business for Guelph-Humber said that the fairs and internships are a big way for students to get jobs after graduation. “Networking is not easy, but the fact that we have the fairs here, makes the businesses a lot more approachable,” said Bragues.

Dr. Glenn Hanna the Assistant Head of Justice Studies says that the fair lets the students see all of the possibilities that are open to them. Hanna also said that the fair lets students see what the application process is like.

According to Hanna, the justice fair that happens at the university every year is one of the most popular job fairs in all of Ontario.

“Everything from corporate security, policing, to intelligence, to paralegal enforcement agencies, the atrium is filled with these businesses,” said Hanna. At this fair you can meet people from each of these agencies and learn about what it is like to work for them.

According to Hanna, it is not just Guelph-Humber students who come to the fair, students from all over Ontario come just to take part and meet these agencies.

Bragues said that based on past events, students can expect multiple police agencies to be present along with people who work for the government.

One of the questions that Hanna gets when talking to students is about the qualifications for careers and what it is going to be like. Hanna says that going to the fair will give the students an excellent opportunity to gain experience from real agencies about what they want to see.

“We do have cases where students go for their placements and then end up getting hired,” said Hanna. According to Hanna, sometimes if the placements go well some students are requested to go back and do a second placement at that same agency.

“We can expect something very similar to the media studies fair in which students were able to meet businesses and connect,” said Susan Thomas, the Manager of Career and Placement Services at Guelph-Humber.

“It is good to have these businesses here so that students are able to learn about the expectations of each of the businesses they may want to apply to,” said Thomas. According to Thomas, even if students do not get a placement at the business of their choice they will be able to keep in contact with the people they meet at the fair.

The fair is organized by the Black Law Enforcers, who are a group of law enforcement professionals. They desire to advance the needs of under-represented people within policing.

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