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Published on November 8, 2016 | by Chantelle Ouano     Photography by Kyle Phillips


Students come together for the GH games

A school that plays together stays together.

The societies at the University of Guelph-Humber are coming together to hold their second annual GH games.

Malik Carby-Corbett, the president of the kinesiology society created the games along with other executives in 2015.

“Last year, I found out being a third year in Guelph-Humber, it’s hard to get the university experience,” Carby-Corbett said.

He said that students usually stay in the routine of going to school then going straight home.

“I thought it would be really nice for us to create something that students would come together and interact and find relationships with people that are not necessarily in their classes but outside their program and year,” Carby-Corbett said.

Kevin Kanhai, the vice-president of the Guelph-Humber psychology society said that he didn’t hear about the games until Carby-Corbett reached out to him. “This was a first for me. I wanted to take the opportunity, personally, and collectively as a society to become a part of something like that,” he said.

This is the first time the GH psychology society will help organize the games. “Malik brought it to my attention that he wanted to collaborate with more societies for the GH games,” Kanhai said.

The GH games consist of different game stations. There are teams of three to five people and individual stages. There are prizes for the top three teams and the individual who has the most points overall.

Ryan Gardiner, a fourth year justice studies student, was the winner of last year’s GH games. “I wish I did something like this before my fourth year,” he said.

Gardiner also said that there are not many events like the GH games that allow you to interact with other people from outside your program and it was a great way to make friends.

“I just want to see people come out and have a good time. Just get the university experience and not having to pay anything,” Carby-Corbett said.

Kanhai said that the games didn’t get that much promotion last year.

This year Carby-Corbett asked the psychology, finance, FCSS, advertising and marketing societies to join their team.

The kinesiology society was, “looking for more collaboration opportunities and reach out to a wider audience,” Kanhai said.

The vice president of operations for the finance society, Melanie Singh, said that the GH games is a way to “show students how societies that are so different can come together to host a big event.”

Participating societies post on their social media sites to get students from their program aware of the event. Kanhai also said that they made posters specific to their program to post all over the school.

Alex Corfield, a member of the Alpha Phi Sigma national justice honour society, volunteered at last year’s games. Corfield said there were a lot of things he wanted to change for this year.

He suggested more sporting events and some problem solving games.

The president of Alpha Phi Sigma, Sandy Labib is also helping.

She said there are many games to enjoy and not just sports. More than that, she said that the GH games are important to create friendships and collaborate.

Suraj Singh, the vice president of communications for the finance society said that this experience has brought him closer to this peers.“We’re all great friends now and I want to help their societies grow too,” he said.

“I’m really grateful that Malik approached all of the other societies and sought who would be interested. It’s great putting all the programs together for a fun event and not something educational because we already go to university for that,” Labib said.

The games will be held on Nov. 9, 2016 from 2:30-5 p.m. at the Humber College gym. Participants are encouraged to sign up ahead of time online on Eventbrite but can drop in on the day of.

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