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Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford dies at age 46

Sadness. Shock. Teary eyes.

That was the scene at Toronto’s City Hall on the afternoon of March 22 after news that Rob Ford had died.

City councillors were out and about speaking to the media about the former mayor, who died at age 46 from cancer earlier that day as announced by the Ford family.

Multiple city councillors joined Mayor John Tory as he took the podium for a press conference that same day about the unfortunate event.

Tory was very vocal in making it clear that the current team in office was left “hollow” after hearing the news. “He was a person who loved the city. He loved people,” Tory said about Ford.

During the press conference, Tory made it evident that he wanted the day to be about the Ford family and letting them grieve their loss.

Deputy Mayor and Ward 34 Coun. Denzil Minnan-Wong described Ford as a very private person but still thinks everyone can learn from him. “Listen to your constituents and remember what the message they sent to you was when they sent you to City Hall,” the Don Valley East city councillor said.

Former Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday was also at City Hall to share his memories of working with Ford. He spoke about how Ford was a shy person but loved people and made his time in office all about the people who got him there.

“I think Rob will be remembered for the fact that he didn’t care who you were. He’d talk to you, he’d return your phone call and he’d come to your house if necessary,” Doug Holyday said. “He’d deal with things that people might have thought ‘gee, is the Mayor looking after this little matter?’”

Holyday said he hopes that people will remember Ford as the mayor who didn’t want to waste a dollar. He said that Ford was always looking for ways to save taxpayers money.

This scene was echoed on social media. Outside councillors’ offices, Ward 40 (Scarborough-Agincourt) Coun. Norm Kelly said, “This is how it was everyday with Rob,” as he was surrounded by cameras and reporters.

Kelly took to social media to express his feelings on Ford’s passing.Screenshot of Norm Kelly's tweets on March 22

Kelly was not the only one who turned to social media to pay tribute to Ford. Television host Jimmy Kimmel, who had Ford on his show two years ago, tweeted out his condolences to the Ford family and all of Ford’s fans.

Screenshot of Jimmy Kimmel's tweet on March 22

Tory sent a series of tweets out shortly after the news broke.

Screenshot of one of John Tory's tweets on March 22

He followed that tweet up with a picture of the condolence book and memorial table that was set up at City Hall. The public was invited to come and write their own words of condolence to the Ford family.

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