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Published on April 6, 2016 | by Samantha Lindgren     Photography by Tannazie


Humber’s ECE students raise money for women’s shelter

The lady standing outside the Tim Horton’s held a sign that asked for money. She wasn’t a panhandler. She was walking around with others holding similar signs. They almost looked like a small protest group and definitely caught the attention of those passing by Humber’s quad.

What they wanted were donations to help a local women’s shelter for families escaping violent homes.

Humber’s early childhood education students from the advocacy and leadership course held a fundraiser in support of Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter .

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter is an organization run by women for women and children who need help.

Cynthia Ramos and Elsie Giuliani were two of the students who were in charge of and ran the games station. At this station students got to throw a pen to pop balloons that then revealed whether or not they won a goodie bag or 50 per cent off at the bake sale.

“When we are working with children and their families we see how families and children interact. We see how close they are. And just thinking about homeless women and their kids, it makes want to do something good for them,” said Giuliani.

Fourth semester ECE student at Humber College Fatima Abdurahman said, “in our program we really focus on children and families and the importance of supporting them.”

Abdurahman and her classmates all helped to throw together a fundraiser that included a bake sale, $5 henna tattoos, and a games station where you could win prizes. With all proceeds going to the shelter.

“A lot of women don’t have homes, whether they are leaving their home for legal reasons like immigration, they might not have the proper documentation to get a home or they might be leaving an unsafe environment because of abuse or many different reasons,” said Abdurahman.

“We feel like this is a cycle that we will like to break. It could happen to any of us, we could one day end up in a shelter. So it’s better to do as much as we can in that system,” said another ECE student in the advocacy and leadership program

The fundraisers walked around the main quad of Humber to help get students to donate. One student, Jacky Vong saw the women with signs and donated $50 to the cause.

“Well it’s kindness right? Kindness is not something you ask for something back, it’s something you give,” Vong explained.

“I think it’s great that people are able to understand that there’s people out there who actually need genuine help, and for them to come and to just donate that I think it’s something amazing. Keeping in mind that this is for a great cause,” said Cynthia Ramos, fourth semester ECE student.

“People really care. We sometimes feel like women are looked down upon and not put first. But so many guys and men and professors came down and help support,” said another ECE student in the advocacy and leadership program.

In the end the students raised $478.20 for Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter.


Image courtesy of Tannazie according to licence.

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