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Aboriginal Resource Centre hosts its second Fit Nish Challenge for active and healthy living

The Aboriginal Resource Centre, also known as the ARC, held its second annual Fit Nish Challenge at Humber College North Campus, which is aimed at getting students healthier by meeting their individual fitness goals.

The challenge is an eight-week program that began on Feb. 1 and was created by the ARC’s former administrative and fitness assistant, Faith Julian, for Aboriginal students.

This year, any Humber College or University of Guelph-Humber student interested in improving their diet and integrating an exercise routine into their weekly schedule can sign up at the beginning at the ARC located in Humber’s Learning Resource Commons.

This program’s primary focus is making exercising and healthy eating fun and interactive, Julian said. Students are also given the opportunity to meet new people and encourage each other to complete their fitness goals.

One challenge participant, Erica Grey said that she had a physically demanding job and used her bike for transportation before coming to Humber College north campus. She said that working out with her roommate for the challenge encourages her to regain her fit physique.

“I was hoping that being a part of this initiative will provide a bit more structure in terms of physical activity and I guess the support,” said Grey.

To become a participant, Fit Nish Challenge coordinator Sabrina Angeconeb measures and records students’ chest, waist and hips sizes then gives them workouts to determine where their fitness level is. Through email messaging she checks in with participants every two weeks to have them come in to the ARC to record any change in their health and fitness.

“I see if they had gained for lost weight based on measurements, and if their overall exercises are also improving so it kinda shows if they are working out or if they aren’t,” said Angeconeb.

Fit Nish Challenge assistant Rosalanind Wassegijig said she did a lot of brainstorming with Julian last year before pitching the program idea, spending Christmas break thinking of fun activities to do when they returned to school.

“I remember the events last year, it was always after midterms or something and we went to like archery tag, it was so cool. It was stuff we would never do on our own,” said Wassegijig.

Exchanging ideas for Fit Nish made Julian and Wassegijig form a strong friendship with other members at the ARC, got them excited about fitness and kept them connected.

It was this positive spirit and attitude that she said they wanted to preserve and encourage in the Fit Nish program.

The Fit Nish Challenge hosted one out of its free fitness events outside of school on Feb. 26, which was skating at the Harbourfront Centre’s Natrel Rink. The program’s upcoming events are indoor rock climbing at True North Climbing on March 18 with its final event being an indoor obstacle course at Pursuit OCR in Toronto on April. 8.

With only two more weeks until the program comes to an end, Angeconeb said that the feedback and physical fitness results from participants have been positive enough to encourage a third annual Fit Nish Challenge next year.

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