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Guelph-Humber students disgruntled by commuting in unpredictable weather

What is -25 degrees Celsius, then above 15 degrees Celsius and brings 15 centimetres of snow? That all happened in one week this winter, and commuting students at the University of Guelph-Humber are unhappy because of it.

Most students were annoyed that the weather was so unpredictable this winter, and wished for more consistency. The Weather Network’s Richard Tattoni blamed the unpredictability this winter on El Niño.

El Niño, Tattoni said, is a band of warm ocean water in the Pacific Ocean that influences weather patterns across the globe. “Shifts in temperature, where it suddenly gets extremely warm or cold, are caused by El Niño,” he said.

“More than 50 per cent of scientists also believe the unpredictable weather is because of climate change,” he said.

Justice studies student Daniella Raso found that the frequently changing temperatures affect her health. “When it gets really cold, the air pressure gives me headaches, and sometimes I get migraines actually. It sucks when I have an eight-hour day with a migraine,” she said.

Several students complained about bus or transit delays. Early childhood studies student Sumeyye Erdogan said that sometimes she has had to wait for half an hour at the bus stop, and that it can get “freezing cold” while waiting.

Although there aren’t the usual number of snow-related delays this year.

“The commute isn’t fun but has definitely gotten better, shorter this year. I have friends that commute two or three hours so I’m grateful for mine, even though it can get cold,” said Erdogan.

Early childhood studies student Saamanthie Kunarajah takes the subway and the bus and said, “Sometimes I’m even late. I’d rather have the temperatures consistent, not too warm or not too hot. The unpredictability makes it hard to plan for the day.”

FCSS student Ashima Behl said the weather is “mind-boggling.”  “I got sick because of the unpredictable weather,” she said. “I’d prefer something more stable.”

For second year business student Drest Vesni said this winter is “really interesting,” because he is an outdoor runner. “Yesterday I ran in shorts, but today there’s no way I would do that,” he said.

On the other hand, he said he plays outdoor hockey in the winter, but this season has been disappointing. “Last season was great, because the rinks were open well into March, so it sucks now that they’re closed for the weather,” he said.

Fourth year business student Sherin Kalasius drives to school every day, and has had delays because of snowfall. “With weather, it takes almost an hour to get to school sometimes,” Kalasius said.

To second year business student Jaskarah Pabla, this isn’t a proper Canadian winter. “If this is the winter, I’m scared of the summer,” he said.

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