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Published on February 10, 2016 | by Anthony Gallo     Photography by GuHu Facebook Page


What Does The Future Hold For GuHu?

It started off as a group of media studies students wanting to go beyond what they were learning. Now it has flourished into a society for students that allows them to become more inspired.

GuHu Media is split into two different streams, television and radio. According to the society’s website, “We prepare you for your media career yet to come. We here at GuHu want our members to learn practical skills that they will use in the future.”

Media Studies program head Jerry Chomyn remembered a few years ago, “a couple students came to me, and they said ‘we’re first and second year students and we’re eager to get our hands dirty and start using the equipment’. I suggested coming up with a media society or media club.”

He suggested the name GuHu. “that’s kind of Guelph-Humber’, that kind of works. And the students grabbed it,” said Chomyn.

Over the years, GuHu has changed. For example, now members can create movies that will be seen by fellow students, post quick YouTube videos and even startup podcasts.

“Anything that somebody worked on this year, when I put it on YouTube, I include the credits,”  said vice-president of television Megan Hutchinson. “so if they want to create a portfolio out of that, they could then take that YouTube video and say this is what I did at my university.”

This year also saw the appointment of a new president in third year media studies student Victoria Baker. “I think we made a lot of not just improvements, but adjustments,” said Baker. “we have gotten students involved in new ways we’ve never done before.”

However with the positives, there are some negatives. Most of which are related to students not being available. Both Baker and Hutchinson agree that when it comes to clubs at schools, a lot of time needs to be put into it by everyone involved. Which they said is hard when assignments, mid-terms and exams come along.

Hutchinson said that she estimated GuHu had 10-15 students that were very dedicated to helping out this year.

Having people say they are going to be committed to the group, and then finding it overwhelming to do is something Hutchinson said is hard to deal with it.

“The fact that you try to arrange a training for students, and everyone’s schedules are completely different, it makes it really difficult to arrange a training that works for everyone,” said Hutchinson.

Hutchinson said she would like to reserve a time slot in students schedules, specifically for GuHu. Making it easier to juggle both GuHu and school. But both Chomyn and Hutchinson agree that it is difficult to coordinate.

Baker mentioned she would like to see smaller events to get more students involved and helping out. “We were focusing a lot on big events, which I’m glad we did, but just to have more small things that happen more often,” said Baker.

“If I were a student, I would look at GuHu as a place that I could do things really that are out there. Innovative things that maybe are not being done,” said Chomyn.


About the Author

Is a third year Media Studies student at the University of Guelph-Humber. He hopes to one day work in a newsroom, delivering his take on sports.

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