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Published on October 6, 2014 | by Graeme Garland     Photography by JACoxwell *


Inaugural coed softball tournament to wait another year

While Humber College had planned to host the first ever co-ed softball tournament among colleges in Ontario on Sept. 19, those plans were cancelled after too-few colleges signed up.

Humber coach and organizer Jennifer Maclam said originally the tournament had as many as six teams interested, but when it came to sign-up time only two schools – Humber College and the University of Toronto – did so.

The tournament was an experiment due to the fact that softball is an unknown sport that not to many know about or think it as a sport played in college. Outside of college and university softball is a popular sport. Softball is a sport that can be played in almost every town and is rather cheap and easy to play. The sport of softball is not as big in Canada as in America.

Player Curtis Nelson said he was really disappointed that the tournament got cancelled and was hoping to play. This was the same reaction throughout the team as there is no other way for these students to play softball. As there is not an intramural league at Humber. The softball team was the only chance the students would have to play while away at school. Without the team they have no way of playing.

Humber’s students showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm in this sport. Nearly 20 athletes arrived at tryouts for Humber’s team. Humber was able to field two separate teams with the number of players that tried out. Humber coach and coordinator of the tournament said “Humber would enter two teams into the tournament.”

Maclam said that the University of Toronto Mississauga pulled out after hearing that there was only going to be two schools entered. the University of Toronto Mississauga wanted for at least four teams to be entered and did not like the idea of one school having two teams in the tournament. No other schools entered in the last week leading up to the tournament. When Mississauga pulled out, the only decision was to cancel the tournament and try again next year with a fresh start.

Leaving another year to try again to advertise the sport and get more schools interested to play, to try again next year. This experiment is not a failure because Humber will not give up and will continue to push to get softball started among Canadian colleges. Humber wanted to host this tournament because once a school holds a tournament, it becomes easier to maintain the tournament location once the sport picks up.

Humber would like to try again next year to have the tournament, but will need to make sure of earlier commitment to make sure the tournament runs. In order to attract more teams to the tournament, they have to let the schools know now so that they can form their teams earlier. Starting early is a hope that more people will hear of the tournament and tryout for the their school’s team. Humber is looking forward to producing a tournament next year and is hoping to learn from this experience.

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