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What Are The Odds For Summer Jobs?

Sefra Williams is overjoyed that the winter semester is coming to an end, but her challenges as a student aren’t letting up.

Finding a summer job becomes a new stress on her mind with little to no jobs available on campus.

“It’s disappointing that (the University of) Guelph-Humber is unable to provide students with more summer job opportunities. Creating jobs when the majority of students have more free time can significantly help students financially,” she said.

Natalie Bobyk, Communications Director at HSF said that there isn’t much work to do during the summer semester.

“There are no jobs for the summer semester here at HSF. The few that we do create we hire from within the staff we currently have,” she said.

Bobyk added that HSF runs in many different categories and they all have their own separate hiring operations.

Second-year culinary student at Humber College, Lorenzo Anthony wishes the school’s North campus had more jobs focused on his area of study.

“It’s important for universities and colleges to give students the chance to explore different jobs within their field. This would help students figure out what careers are most suitable for them over the summer break and help with course selection in upcoming semesters,” he said.

Steven Mcinnis, a fourth-year business student at Guelph-Humber is one of the few to have a job with HSF this year. He said he loves the convenience that comes along with having a job on campus.

“I don’t have to worry about commuting to school with a job at school. Also the school works around your schedule because they have no choice. If you don’t do well they will not have you as an employee,” he said.

Bobyk stressed the importance of expectations from students looking to apply.

She explained the application process tends to be just like other jobs; you apply then wait for an email for an interview. She said following up is always encouraged.

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