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Natural Oil Said to Help in Skin Care

Clients at the Humber Spa, among other venues, embrace golden liquid
By Danica Samuel

Monica Grasman, a 19-year-old esthetician and Humber graduate recommends Tea Tree oil
Photography by: Danica Samuel

Available at The Humber Spa as well as health food stores and some pharmacies, tea tree oil is a natural based product that is extracted from a shrub called Narrowed Leaf Tea Tree which grows in Australia. Its disinfectant, anti-fungal properties are used to great effect in helping to improve skin, hair, and other parts of the body.

Monica Grasman, a 19-year-old esthetician and Humber graduate says that: “It’s often a second ingredient for products that have to deal with acne, or fungal problems. We use it in the spa.”

Dermalogica and Medibac are two products that contain tea tree oil and the Humber Spa uses these as part of treatments for clients with acne and other skin ailments. Thursday Plantation is also a common Tea Tree Oil brand that manufacturers cream, antifungal treatment, vitamin ointment, mouthwash and shampoo.

Grasman recommends Tea Tree oil over benzoyl peroxide, another form of disinfectant property she refers to as “synthetic”.

“Tea tree oil is more of a natural product than synthetics,” notes Grasman. “I’d recommend it for someone who uses natural skin care products but is having problems with things such as skin abrasions. It’s more effective and healthier.”

Siddika Rahman, owner of Natures Good on Danforth Ave. says Tea Tree oil is a top seller with her customers. “It’s mainly an antibacterial, antiviral, prevention of any fungus infection and skin problem. We have lots of customers for Tea Tree Oil. If they use the 100 per cent oil, they can mix with anything- cream, shampoo, conditioner, which really helps.”

Tea Tree oil is also said to keep hair growing healthy. Grasman says this includes problems such as dandruff, the oil itself stimulating the scalp, helping with hair growth and producing new cells.

The Humber Spa offers an Aromatherapy massage for $ 40, which incorporates Tea Tree oil for a stimulating and soothing body treatment.

Thursday Plantation and Medibac products can be found at any Nature Health Food store, as well as pharmacies. The tea tree oil 25ml bottle costs $10. Other hair and skin treatment products vary in cost from $20 – $50.

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