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Published on March 16, 2012 | by Ashley McCubbin     Photography by


GuHu Radio Looks To Grow Listener Base

Student-run station aims to be campus voice.

By Ashley McCubbin

Radix Journalist George Pereira works the controls / (C)Krystal Seecharan

Last Monday, third year Media Studies students George Pereira and Anthony Petrielli took to the airwaves to debut GuHu Radio. Streamed through, GH now has a station run by students to suit their interests.

“It’s really exciting,” enthuses GuHu Radio Leader Kaaleen Joseph, also in third year Media Studies.

Joseph runs the channel alongside Joshua McNamara. McNamara, a second year media student, is the GuHu Media Vice President and GuHu Radio Organizer.

Getting the station up and running took a month long of preparation by the GuHu Media Club.

“Just before Christmas, GuHu Media held interviews for people who wanted to be the head of each section,”Joseph explains. “They asked people if they were interested in radio, TV, PR, and Digital Communications. I’m really interested in radio so I went out for the interview.”

After getting the job, Joseph was in enlisting interested students. She sent out e-mails, informing them when the meetings were and what the training would involve. Subsequent training was done by Media Studies head Jerry Chomyn, who has extensive background in radio and Radek Pacanowksi, GH’s IT guru.

“Turns out, everyone is doing everything, which is kind of nice,” says Joseph who likes nothing better than taking on new challenges.”If you want to host your own show, you get to host your own show. If you want just music, then it’s just music.”

Students signed up for available timeslots to host their shows. They were given the choice of hosting a show for a few hours solo or with a fellow student or in groups of three for one to three hours.

During their timeslots, students run the show themselves, selecting the overall theme for that day’s broadcast, as well as content, music and guests.

Third year Media Studies student, Paulina Abad has signed up to be part of two shows on Wednesdays. From 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m., she gives listeners the lowdown on entertainment and other light topics with fellow student Brittany Johnston. From 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Abad talks about current issues.

“It was really fun,” Abad recalls of her first broadcast last Wednesday. “I was really stressed out at the beginning. But the minute I opened the mic, it was awesome. It was just like heaven.”

Abad is glad that GH has a radio station because it opens up addtional opportunities.

“I think it’s great because anyone who was interested in radio, used to have to go to Humber and try to get into the station there,” she recalls. “Now, students are getting together from all years of study and putting together this station at GH. Another great thing is that because it’s new, everyone really has a chance to start”.

By taking part, media students can save their shows’ podcasts and use it for their portfolio while gaining experience and having something for their resume.

While the station is in the early stages, it’s already seen some growth. The music database has grown from a couple songs to over 600.

The radio shows run daily until 9 p.m. EST each night. Students can listen to the station by going to

Currently, hosts are having a contest to see which one reaches 100 listeners first. The first one to attain their goal will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Humber Bookstore.

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