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Nashville North Boast Great Crowd, Cheap Drinks-

Cowboy-Themed Georgetown Club A Winner

Jermaine Murray

Nightlife Reporter

At first it may look as if Gerogetown’s Nashville North is nothing more than a cowboy-themed bar. With its wooden rails and barnyard feel, Nashville North looks as if it’s trying to give you a humble environment with a dash of southern hospitality.

However, looks can be quite deceiving as Thursday nights at Nashville are anything but humble.

Nashville's dance floor is its heart and soul

The Setup

The people behind Nashville have gone to great lengths to try and recreate a barnyard party for a Canadian audience.  Barnyard parties themselves usually entail lots of beer and wild encounters all in a barn, these parties tend to be a little more raunchy than your average party .  The club is divided up into two levels with two different vibes. The upper level is a lounge type setting, with chairs and tables overlooking the dance floor down below. There are also pool tables and TVs on the top floor as well as a bar.

On the lower level is where the main magic of Nashville unfolds. The dance floor is huge and makes the most out of the barnyard setting. The DJ booth is situated on a large stage in the middle of the dance floor.

Attractive and Wild are two words to describe most patrons

The Crowd And Music

The music at Nashville can be described as a “wide variety” type format. The DJ will often and successfully mix two tracks from different genres into one and smooth track. The energy levels skyrocket with each spin.

Nashville North atrracts one of the better-looking club crowds on the Northwest side of the GTA. Patrons are generally good-looking and energetic, with a willinginess to do whatever is necessary to have a good time, such as participating in Nashville’s weekly wet t-shirt contest which is considered a favourite.

Three sweaty Nashville patrons enjoying the festivities


The best thing about a Thursday night at Nashville is the pricing. Most beer costs $3.00 The value here is great as the average elsewhere in the GTA is usually around $5.00.

Moments you won't remember with people you can't forget

Final Grade

The Nashville experience is one that you won’t forget. The energetic crowd and talented DJ alone make for a memorable evening. When you factor in the inexpensive beer and the wonderful activities such as the wet t-shirt contest, the mechanical bull and frequent dance-offs will turn your night into an unforgettable one.

9/10 Shot Glasses


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